Holiday Inn London

Holiday Inn London
The capital of the UK does not need much introduction, as one of the major business cities in the world, most major institutions will at some point use London for their conference, meeting or other business purposes. Despite London being one of the largest cities in terms of business locations, there are still a lot of companies based outside the city in other parts of the UK, however even those companies who are based outside the city will still operate elements of their business operation within the City of London.

There are misconceptions that to conduct business in London is expensive which is what puts a lot of people off. Whilst there are increased rental prices for some business properties, holding business meetings, conferences or gatherings is easily achievable and there are price options available to suit different needs. At Holiday Inn London we offer 18 venues within the city of London and surrounding areas to provide our customers with a vast choice of locations to fit in with different requirements. With meeting and conference facilities available for up to 700 guests in some locations, there is scope for catering for most business events.

When it comes to international business, London is arguably the most popular city to choose to invite business associates from overseas. The three major airports fly to and from most countries and with such short flight times from many European countries, it is an obvious location for holding business conferences. Even those visitors who are on an express trip can be catered for, as with locations close to both Heathrow and Gatwick airport, Holiday Inn London can create a convenient meeting venue for those who need to arrive and depart quickly.

There is of course a lot more to London than just business and convenience and it is a great city to entertain guests or reward employees. Many overseas visitors are fascinated by the history of Britain and its capital city, giving the perfect opportunity to combine business with a bit of culture and pleasure. Even guests from other parts of the UK or London itself can benefit from a little London history and with Holiday Inn London locations in the likes of Mayfair and Kensington there are a lot of choices for creating a cultured visit for guests.

Of course another favourite activity in London is shopping and nobody can deny that London has some of the best shops in the world. As a city it can easily match the likes of Paris and New York in terms of retail status and quality. Turning a shopping trip into a group weekend is a great way of getting colleagues or friends together and offers something a little more relaxed. By choosing a location in the heart of Oxford Street you can easily enjoy the shops, bars and hustle and bustle of urban London without having far to walk back.

The options for London are endless which makes it such a versatile and accommodating city to host a business or personal event in.

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