Don’t take advantage while traveling

Are your bags packed and ready to go? Excursions can be a lot of fun, but you can also go the wrong way by falling prey to these travel travelogues. We hope this never happens to you. But you better be prepared not to get caught.

Top 10 travel scams

1. Finding a hotel. You only go out at the airport to be greeted by a few people, and everything promises great deals if you are staying at their hotel. You choose one of them and find when you arrive, the promised price is no longer available. Now you will have to pay a lot more to stay. When trying to find a hotel room, talk to tourist information or book a hotel yourself.

2 Arrival at the hotel. You just arrived and are leaving the airport. Take a look at the taxi line. This could take thirty minutes or more. The driver approaches you and tells you that he can take you to your hotel without waiting. Decide to take the driver to an offer. The driver puts your luggage in the vehicle and leaves you standing on the curb. Be sure to ride in the official cabin. Also, negotiate the price of the trip with the driver before going to your hotel. You want to be sure that they will take you on a direct route and not overpay you for a taxi ride.

3. Are you hungry for dinner? You’re in luck, someone pushed your exit menus out the door! Call the phone number and place your order. Food never arrives and they have your credit card information. If you want to order, look for recommendations at the hotel before calling the number from the flyer he pushed under your door.

4. A wake-up call. You travel all day and just want to get some rest before you go sightseeing in the morning. The phone rings. Answer by looking at the office at the other end for information to verify your credit card information. You tell the officers they have the wrong number and give them the right information. Problem? You just gave it to someone posing as a clerk to write your credit card information. Go back to sleep just to find out in the morning that someone else used your credit card. If this happens to you, or call the front desk back or better yet, go downstairs in person. To avoid these types of travel scams, never give out your credit card information on a call you didn’t start.

5. Don’t let them drip on you. You get something for lunch from a vendor. If someone is standing nearby, food or drinks are spilled on you. They offer help only to find that they have helped you out of your wallet. Watch out for someone trying to clean food off your clothes.

6 Take a look at my picture! How many times have you asked someone to take a picture? Watch your camera. They could easily disappear when they have your camera in hand. You may also have problems if you are asked to take a picture. They give you a camera, tell them it’s not working, and they end up making a scene shouting that you “broke their camera.” They will continue to try to attract the attention of all people in the hope that you will give them some money to fix their camera. These travel scams work because most people will pay to prevent them from drawing attention to you.

7. Watch your luggage. Do you ever throw your luggage into a locker on trains? Be careful when going through dark tunnels. Thieves will wait for those areas and simply take your bag and keep walking to the next car while the car you are driving is dark. You will not be any wiser and you will not realize that your bag was stolen until you are ready to take your bag. Try attaching the bag to the luggage rack while riding the train so that it is not easy to pick up.

8. Stop for a moment and watch the street performers. It’s a lot of fun. There is a big crowd. Sometimes these performances ask the audience to move away and form a larger circle. Then he will ask everyone to move in. At that moment, people clash. This is a great time for your pocket money to take your wallet. Be careful where large groups are formed to watch the play.

9. The attraction is closed for the morning. It actually happened to me in Bangkok. We were on our way to the Palace and a guide approached me who told me that the Palace was closed for private entertainment in the morning. They would take me on a private tour and bring me back later, when it reopens. As I watched, there were so many people there, children, adults, I didn’t trust him. We approached and found it open. Make sure the attraction is actually closed. It’s probably open.

10. Counting your change. When you pay for something, be sure to know how much you should get back. If you seem to be in a hurry, sellers can very slowly count your change and take a long break through counting. They hope you think the transaction is complete, take your money and leave, not realizing that the computers are only part of your change.

Traveling is a lot of fun, but you have to be aware. Watch out for people trying to start travel scams. Always be aware of both safe and happy travel!


20 things to do before international travel – SKYOSKY

1. Make copies of travel documents

We don’t plan on losing your passport during the holidays, but it’s a good idea to make a few backups just in case: one to take with you and the other to leave at home. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

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2. Print hard copies of the plan and receipt

Don’t assume that WiFi will always be available to withdraw your travel or travel certificates – always bring a paper copy with you, just in case.

I can’t tell you how many times the hotels made a mistake in my bookings and tried to overpay me. Having a hand on the paper will be in your favor.

I also like to put a copy of my contact information and itineraries in my luggage, just in case they get lost, so the person who picks it up will know how to contact me. You can also add this information to your luggage tag. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

3. Check travel advice / register your trip

Depending on where you are traveling, there may be unexpected travel tips that you should be aware of. Sometimes your travel or health insurance may not be valid if there are current travel tips.

You can also register your trip at your country’s embassy to know where you will be in an emergency. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

4. Call your bank

Before leaving, it is important to call your bank (the number on the back of your bank card) to let them know you are traveling. This allows you to make purchases with your card while abroad. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

5. Have some emergency money on hand

Just because you have your bank cards at your disposal does not mean that they will be accepted in every branch. It is good to have extra money on hand in local currency, especially for smaller purchases. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

a man at the airport and on a plane in the sky

6. Determine which documents you need to enter the country

Most countries require a passport valid for six months or more after the return date. You may also need a visa or special documents to enter the country.

For example, I needed to buy a visa to enter Turkey earlier this year. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

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7. Check with your doctor or insurance provider

Before traveling, it is best to check with your doctor or insurance provider to see if you will need prescription drugs or vaccines before your trip.

You may also require a note from your doctor to allow you to bring certain prescription medications into the country. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

8. Investigate what you can / cannot bring into the country

The last thing you want to do is arrive at your destination and discover that some of the things you packed are not allowed into the country. These can be seeds or certain foods. Check in advance to avoid unnecessary interference. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

9. Check the weather forecast before departure

I like to do this about a week ago and then just the day before to make sure I pack properly. If it’s cold at home, but you’re traveling in a warm climate, you probably don’t need to bring a heavy jacket.

Also, rain can jump in the forecast, which means that you will need an umbrella. Check in advance so you can pack accordingly. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

10. Explore local customs and etiquette where you visit

It’s always a good idea to read local customs, culture and etiquette so you’ll know what to expect while traveling abroad.

Sometimes a hand gesture in one country may have a different meaning in another country; you may need to dress more conservatively than you would when you returned home; Rollover policies can also vary – in any case, you don’t want to do something stupid that could have been avoided if you had researched before. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

11. Explore events and festivals that happen while you’re in town

It’s good to know if there are any significant events while you’re in town. Maybe you want to attend a concert, a festival or in general, be aware of what is happening in the city. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

12. Browse the guide books

I know some travelers no longer consult travelogues, but I always like to flip through them to get tips, see which sights or attractions are worth visiting, and so on.

Many of them also include maps of different neighborhoods in the city, so it allows you to better understand the look of the city. If you do not want to invest in a guide, you can borrow it for free at your local library. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

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13. Obtain adapters / converters for your electronic devices

That should be self-evident, but not every country has the same voltage. You can always pick up one from the airport if you forget, but there you will pay more. Instead, I recommend that you choose a worldwide travel adapter before your trip. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

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14. Learn a few key phrases in the local language

One of the best things you can do is learn at least one keyword or phrase in the local language. Even if it doesn’t seem like home to you, the locals will still appreciate your effort.

I noticed that this was especially true while I was in Paris. Although I could only say a few words, I could say that they appreciate that I tried to communicate with them in French before switching to English.

Also, don’t assume that everyone knows English, because that is not the case. Once you get out of the main tourist spots, fewer and fewer people speak English. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

15. Watch a video on using city public city transportation

Most city cities are equipped with a decent public transportation system. Instead of paying a high price for taxis, try learning how to use public city transportation. You will save money and move around the city faster than by car.

If you do decide to rent a car, check in advance if you need an international driver’s license. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

16. Determine a plan for your cell phone

Whenever I leave the country, I always turn off my mobile data and switch to airplane mode. I use city WiFi to make calls and send text using apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

If you need information, talk to your service provider in advance to determine the right plan for you. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

17. Buy tickets for the places you want to visit / see before you go

Sometimes you can get a discount when you buy tickets in advance. This also allows you to skip the line of cards and save time while on vacation. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

18. Explore how to get to your hotel from the airport

To avoid paying high taxi prices, it is a good idea to explore the best way to get to your hotel from the airport. Sometimes taxis offer a flat rate that you should know in advance in case they try to solve you.

Most options include bus, private car or public transport.

By knowing how much each option costs and how long each option will last, you will be able to make choices that fit your budget and needs. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

19. Investigate local tourist scams where you will visit

You may be able to spot a scam, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Understanding what to look for is a smart idea to prevent you from being a victim of fraud.

Always take care of yourself and your personal bags. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers

20. Pack some over-the-counter medications and toiletries with you

I understand that some want to pack lightly by leaving their toiletries at home, thinking they will be able to buy them at their destination.

Keep in mind, however, that some items will be difficult to find in other countries. If you are traveling to Korea, it will be difficult to find deodorant there, so be sure to bring it with you when you visit. Do you travel more and pay less? search and compare ticket prices from 1000+ websites and airlines and 800,000+ hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rental, deals and offers


Chicago Guide Hotel Deals – What are some of the best budget hotels?

Being the third most populous city in the U.S., Chicago is packed with tons of hotels, resorts, hostels and inns. There’s a lot to explore in Windy City, including the magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park, Wrigley Field, SkyDeck on the 103rd floor of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower, and more. All you have to do is compare cheap Chicago hotel deals and choose the one that offers the facilities you need.

The public transportation system is great, so you really don’t need to rent a car if you really don’t want to. However, you may want to book a hotel and airline ticket to get a discount. Worthwhile are the attention and vacation packages in Chicago. In addition to the infamous O’Hare International Airport, some tourists fly to Midway International (MDW). There are hotels near both, as well as important locations throughout the city.

If you want to go to Six Flags, there are several budget hotels to choose from between La Quinta Inn & Suites, Fairbridge Inn Express, Red Roof Inn Gurnee and several others. If shopping is your thing, then you will probably want to stay close to the magnificent mile. More affordable options include Warwick Allerton, Hotel Felix and Hotel Whitehall.

The city has plenty of cheap “family” hotels such as the Plaza Plaza Convention Hotel, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Regency, Chicago Hill O’Hare Spring Hill Suites and the Carlton Inn Midway. Do you go to the Cubs game during the baseball season? There are several hotels within one mile: City Suites Hotel, Wrigley Guest House, The Majestic Hotel, The Villa Toscana and more.

What you can get with bargains on hotels in Chicago

No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, you will surely find cheap hotel deals in Chicago. There are many affordable options for hotels with 2.5 stars and more. You can expect amenities such as free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and room service.

If you want to book a holiday package, make sure it includes a hotel stay for as many nights as you need. Packages are often set up for a certain number of nights.

The best times to visit Chicago are during the shoulder seasons from September to October and from April to May. During these months, you can avoid huge crowds and still enjoy decent weather. The absolute cheapest deals can be found from November to March, but the icy weather may not be worth it.

Look for travel discounts and coupon codes to help you save even more on cheap Chicago hotel deals.

Where can you get special offers? Travel websites offer very impressive discounts on all things travel related, including airline tickets and cheap hotel deals in Chicago. To reduce costs even more, use online promotional codes.


Five way travel packages make your life easier

Travel packages are not necessarily new in the tourism industry. As more and more people explore the idea of ​​traveling on a much more regular basis, taking advantage of a package deal is becoming a very popular way for people preparing to travel around the world.

If you ever want to see how much travel means to people, ask a few people what they would do to have more time. More often than not, they would tell you they’re traveling somewhere, but they’ll usually follow that with reasons why they don’t actually travel. The two most common reasons for postponing travel wishes are time, as already mentioned, and money. So, guess what? Maybe it’s time for these people to stop saying, “One day,” and start saying, “Well, where now?”

The travel package may look a little different, depending on how you book your trip. For the most part, however, this means you can book travel and accommodation together. Sometimes the tour package can include group tours to your destination or plan meals and drinks while traveling. Either way, the idea behind these packages is to pay one price for everything you want on your trip and that the price you paid is actually a better offer than booking everything separately.

Here are five ways to make travel packages easier for you:

All planning done at once – Today you can use technology in the form of e-mails and applications to achieve huge offers in travel around the world. If you’re still not smart enough, you might try to book a hotel, airline ticket, and attraction tickets separately. Do yourself a favor and knock it all out together.

Prices are generally lower – Travel experts notice lower prices with packages, and this is certainly the case when the reservation is a group price. If you book larger groups of seats and rooms at the same time, it definitely results in better prices. In fact, a general internet search will show you how much incentive a traditional booking is.

Lots of dialing options – The travel industry is customer-friendly, which means you are a consumer in the driver’s seat. Everyone is competing for their job, which means lower prices are more affordable because everyone is trying to outperform the competition.

Concentrate on your journey more – In fact, you can enjoy the trip more, because he takes care of everything, and that’s a nice feeling. Now he can focus your attention on what you will see and experience, not how you will get there and where you will stay.

Safe and reliable travel – Travel packages are usually introduced in the regular schedule for travel companies. This means that they often made such offers, and for them it is an old hat. It also means that if your tour package includes both tours and sights, travel, guides and itineraries are safer and more reliable.

Travel packages are truly the path of people trying to save money and get as much as they can from their travels. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of planning an escape so you can enjoy the trip the way you always thought possible. If you have never taken the time to see what a travel package can mean for your pet, you may be surprised. Safe trip!


Cheap last minute cruises – be spontaneous and save money

Cheap last-minute cruises are yours if you have them as a flexible traveler. Do you keep the bag packed, maybe even up to the door? Are you an experienced cruise traveler who knows what to look for? Are you a potential first cruiser who won’t try this vacation experience unless you can accomplish a lot? If you’re even partially on one of these profiles, a last-minute cruise might be for you.

Explore cruising lines, boats and destinations closest to where you live. You’ll have the most flexibility if you can show up almost for a moment, and that doesn’t include air travel. If you find several destinations that interest you, pack a bag with toiletries and extra clothing that is suitable for those destinations. Put a luggage tag and put it in your closet. If you find a cruise you want to embark on tomorrow, there is no last minute panic. Just grab a bag and go knowing that you have saved hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

Look for a “repositioning” cruise. Most cruises have more cruises than ships. There are winter and summer cruises, and they are rarely the same. For example, summer cruises could head to destinations like Alaska, Canada, or New England, while winter cruises could have locations like Mexico, the Caribbean, or South America.

However, that ship needs to be relocated or relocated from New England to Mexico if it is going to go on winter routes. The cruisers just sailed by boat to the new location and started a new tour of the journey, but then someone was wise. What if people were willing to pay for a one-way cruise? And cruise repositioning began. You will need a plane ticket at the point of departure, but most of the time the savings on the cruise will make up for it more. These cruises are, of course, offered in the “shoulder” seasons, between the winter and summer peak.

And when it comes to shoulder season, it’s another great moment to trade with you, even if you want a more standard cruise. Summer and winter are the busiest times to travel and cruise – but that could mean your boat will be crowded. Try the season between those points, when there is less demand, which equals lower prices.

Act fast. That should go without a word about last minute cruising, but we’ll say it anyway. When cruise boats approach the departure date with several empty cabins, they lower prices and place an extra body in bed. But they’ve only been ready for that long. And in the end, the ship will leave without you, or someone else will close the deal. This is getting harder to do as the cruise becomes more popular, but if you are persistent, offers can be found.

Find a travel partner who will go with you. For last minute cruises this can be difficult. Another option is to look for a cruise line for interest rates. This will get you an assistant of the same sex, although probably someone you don’t know. Still, it’s an opportunity to make a new friend, assuming you’ve hit him. If not, well, the boats are huge and you will probably only fall into each other if you brush your teeth.

Use standard travel websites to check if bargains are possible. Most have cards or icons for last-minute deals, and some will include cruises. Then check out websites for cruise experts, such as or

With pre-planning, flexibility and a quick mouse finger, you can find cheap last minute cruises that will make your vacation even more relaxed.


Haiku Laity

Muse, I was looking for you

Fully absorbed, largest

Flowering, no words



Essences of bleeding heart

Enlightened feelings


New Year’s joyful thoughts

Life’s journey begins soon

Balance, Harmony


Good morning

Sweet hearts delight, lovers embrace

The smell of coffee, kissing


Just go with the flow

Live with ease, no worries

You would know what to do


When you feel the gilding

And you don’t want to miss …
Quick selfie!


I have some thoughts too

The world is mine, I am the boss

You love me, now what?


Sunrise lights up the smile

You live in a breathing space

Without exception


Rice Terraces Tour

Some interesting aircraft …
Beautiful view!


Old golden years

Another amazing experience

I’m coming gracefully!


Merry Christmas

From my London house inspired

Best wishes to all!


Never again!

Shake, Rattle and Roll Fun Ride

Terrible feeling!


Be your own sun

Be happy … Express yourself

Share the Bliss to the world!


Take care of your life

You can make a difference

Believe in yourself, be brave!


Weekend fun on the Red Sea!

It’s time to sanitize

Sand, beach, calm down!


My liner is ready

Seven years of expenditure

It must be celebrated soon


Hubert, my dream dog

He likes to sniff and sniff

Lifting the abdomen


“We are finally alone …
I love you, you hear? Go-

Far from this field …


Enchanted nature

When I walk, you hug me

You and I are one


Mild river

flows and mirrors the sky

singing birds nearby


A flawless lazy day

With my human next

I see, you are jealous!


Like a dentist

I have my darkest secret …

I just love toothpaste!


Awakening of the sefis

In motivational mode, but

I feel nostalgic


I would sit on this bench

I would dream of you and me

Then we would have it all!


Wake up in the spring

Summer on a golden lawn that breathes

Crimson falls then nap …


Watch out for the little things

The ones you always remember

But never mention it


Seafaring at sea

Blessed! Then a lot of laughter-

Aromatic wind


Italian wires

Japanese or Chinese pipes,



“is it combined?” I asked

here in the language of commerce

for travel


You can go through me

Standby or just look around

You know I’m here


Catch all my words

I write stories … Real … Fiction …
It’s fun!


Whatever you want

I came to keep you, to keep you

But I am sensitive …


It rises to the top

Gentle, kind, kind, pleasant …
Cooling the heat, ahhhhhh!


I get up and leave

with pleasant gleaming fingers

the golden glory is mine



I feel a little dark

in the hopeful way



Preoccupied. Stopping

The aroma of bombing …


We reunited

You want the experience of a French kiss

down the Love Tower.


He loves me humanly

I feel great, I celebrate-

Kissing his face


You make me happy

in ways no one else does

I like to drink tea


A hot day adventure

Instant comfort

Complete satisfaction


Forgotten flowers

Once the winter cold sores disappear

Great back, intact


The joy of nature

The water falls calmly

And I look beautiful


“My light shines on you!”

The sun promises the earth.

“You don’t owe me anything”

With such LOVE …
The whole world will be brighter …
United … There is no WAR!


Coming …
Once a slow crawling creature

Then the glittering wings sprout!


A pink gem in the yard

Inspiring … dazzling … blooming …
winding up … then down


A ship of flowers is coming

Departure from the geisha

Peter Pan nonsense


With a smiling cloud

Enthusiastic flowers, bees, birds,

The spring breeze is rising


Fingers crossed

I see more than I’ve seen

who went blind


Windy … Cloudy skies

Dancing with golden yellow

The sun’s field is shining


Shocked … Sissy screamed,

“I’m late for my recital!”

Li’l bro delusion …


We danced, laughed, touched

A pure romanticization of the past

‘Nostalgia for lust!


I just inhaled

I would take responsibility and live my life

Big breakthrough!


Fantasy exists

The stormy light of pure desire

Sometimes I wonder …


until death do us part!

You tamed me … Here’s a flower

I am nine years old …


Complaint of happiness

The end of the summer day brings

Freshness, softness and peace


The art of the game progresses

For the rest of The Love Of Haiku

Music Passion play …


The effect of ruby ​​fruits.

Wild call, waiting …
Juicy priceless joy!


All the long light

‘tutti fruiti orange heart

She dances lively to young people


I’m bored, stop it!

Don’t shoot! You’re blocking my path!

Leave me alone, please!


A sea wave of laughter

The true joy of freedom and youth

I grew old with a smile …


Calm down

and thoughts of nothingness

To live, but there is no life …


Writing, erasing

I focused on the lamb though

Reflecting my goal



Awake, irresistible



In me my Jesus

abounds in joy, peace, smiles, love

absolute truth


I get up and leave

with pleasant gleaming fingers

the golden glory is mine


Whatever you want,

I came to keep you, to keep you.

But I am sensitive


Be alone

be happy, express yourself

Share the bliss to the world


Catch this moment

I shine for illuminating your day



A young couple is kissing

Grandpa looks at them through them

its sunny past


With any luck

Two ducks near the Human Tower

Trapped inside the jar-

“On top!”, The love duck trembles.

Froggy’s Jar of Limon Dreams …
That’s where they fell in love!


“I thought raindrops were falling?”

beats a duck under an umbrella.

Wondering who peed?!?


Keep dreaming, don’t stop!

Everything is possible

and I love donuts


Relaxed toes, tingling in the body …
Beautiful Marquise wanted to be



I dreamed, you and me.

We danced with some long blues …
The aliens were with us!


Aren’t we aliens?

Supposedly we all are.

Some blues … It doesn’t matter!


A thunderous jet plane.

Thunder, thunder everywhere:

No bombs are falling this time.


Circus in the spring,

A child’s play, a hippo kiss … Hover around!

Munchausen laughs …


Escape hole!

Run fast! We are just havin’-

Family trip …


Join me in the game …
Click ink to understand …
Pic from my Art Game!


Waterfalls and chaos

I see a new beginning.

The world is constantly evolving …


Life as a motor bus

The Reds stopped hovering, the Greens progressed

Yellow is cooling its time …


Beauty in the night

Skeleton lover

Scary Hallow



Thorne Fairy lives … Stand up against

A fierce angel warrior


A mixture of your dreams

Pain or tingling

Soothing desire


Hanging out.

Welcome everyone! Wrap up!

Bloodthirsty race …


Loved my salad days …
Wines. Coffee breaks. Sweet kisses.

Some luck escapes!


Party all night

Be fierce, be wild, be alone

In a moment … Live freely!


Underwater world

Everything is refreshed

Colorful place!


At the mermaid’s back … ‘Shark!

While behind every bell, Shrek!

The back end … Geese in boots?

or teaser:

The back end … cunt? (lol)

Hello Master Kitty!

Puss, The Booted Cat.


“Oh, no! Meow, not me!”

confuse for the waste box

“Don’t leave the trap!”

“Big, spare me.

I tell you I love you.

Do you want me to smell my ass? “


Eat! The Avengers!

They just crash in the fun!

Godzilla, look out!


The shark is waking up!

Huge! With a big mouth and sharp teeth!

Angry and hungry!


In my lush cosmos.

The country announces its place.

Memories arise


Family tour.

Jueseppi’s house is hot.

Dad said, “Eat ice cream!”


North, East, West and South.

Heat waves here or sandstorms.

The desert is dry …


Imagine the world

Where your every move matters.

Watch out for the next train …


Rush hour, changing trains …
Thanks for the subway supplier!

Hotdog is bliss


Family reunions!

Dad, mom, sissy and vol …
I miss my dear.


I feel warm

the sun, the joys of laughter

around … Cool siesta!


The sparks have fallen!

Saving family fun.

“BEEEEEEP!” Says Road Runner.


Men / vices / virtues

Name them all … ‘accept or not

I still love my man


Frozen … no words …
All Hallow’s Eve! Phantoms are wandering …
The horror night begins


Youth dance, I long!

On hip-hop, jumping, tipping, swirling, immersion …
What promise does that hold?


A thunderous jet plane.

Thunder, thunder everywhere:

No bombs are falling this time.


December is here

Decorate my tree high and low

What a Christmas glow


Three villas

– shining eyes, caressing hair …
Sweet spring flowers


Haiku is fun too!

Creative crowds just love it.

Testing. No duck soup


Eat! That’s wonderful!

We are here to have fun, to win friends!

More Haiku laymen!


The main reasons why people travel

There are two levels of answers to the question of why people travel. The first is obvious, and probably the reason why we indulge ourselves and quote others. We travel so we can see the sights, experience other cultures, attend events and learn more about the world.

These are exciting reasons. But there are deeper reasons to travel that have less to do with it we to do when we travel and as much connection with what we travel makes us. These five groups of changes in ourselves are at the heart of what makes travel so compelling.

The journey enriches you before, during and after it

The anticipation of the journey is almost as stimulating as the journey itself and the memories after it. Knowing what you have in front of you and imagining it in detail, restores the excitement of life and releases the tendency to fall into the rut of the working day. The more detailed the picture of the trip, the more the future trip will excite you.

During the journey itself, everyday life can be intense. Living in these moments fully, and noticing everything around you, allows for an even better life. Clearly, this intense experience is the quality of travel style that guides you off the bus and take to the streets and squares, landscapes and watercourses of the places you visit. Independent travel is a world other than “contained” travel.

Travel expands your view of the world

Through travel, you gain a framework for history and significant touch currents that have introduced you to your current life and point in time. You are now standing in the pope of the evil Borgia pope, surrounded by walls that contained a man with enough strength to write a papal bull – a mandate – which required all the wealth of the Western Hemisphere for Spain and Portugal and secured for the next 200 years. When you stop at the place where it happened, events and significance come to life with new meaning.

You are now looking down the stairs leading to the tunnel that connects Leonardo da Vinci’s home to the Royal Palace across the street. King Françoise traveled through this tunnel to sit down and talk to his genius friend. And now you are in Bayeux, where the Frenchman William the Conqueror built his naval ships to cross the canal across the English Channel and claimed to be the throne of England.

Each of these experiences expands your view of the world and your experience of time and place first hand.

Travel makes you more vivid and interesting

Traveling gives you something to look forward to … to prepare for … to study … and later to share. You will bring home stories. Life can become a bit monotonous if you allow it, especially after you retire and end your working life. The expectation is worth at least as much as the journey itself and the memories that accompany the journey.

How much better to have travel stories and observations that you will then share to limit your conversation to recent visits to the doctor and your frustrations with weeds on your lawn.

The journey revives you

Traveling and anticipating travel renews your enthusiasm. You look forward with excitement, instead of experiencing the muffled feeling that comes from repetition and routine.

Traveling challenges you to be at your most efficient and concentrated level. Comfortable zones can be comfortable. But it’s a good idea to get out of your comfort zone regularly. Otherwise, your social skills may begin to atrophy, and your ability to think on your feet and solve problems may decrease due to use.

Traveling improves your health and well-being

Traveling gives you a reason to stay healthy. It still keeps you sharper! The challenges of travel test your acuity on a daily basis. Traveling can be challenging, especially if a group trip doesn’t take you “through the nose”. You know you’ll need to be on your toes – to be situationally aware – to pay close attention. You will need to walk intensely, including hills and stairs up and down.

Generally when you return home from a trip, you will be in better shape than you have been for months and even years. And if you start anticipating another trip ahead of you right away, you’ll have a real incentive to keep making these improvements and be ready for the next time.

Changes and benefits

These changes and the benefits you will get from traveling can become permanent. Your life will be enriched by enrichment, you will think more broadly. You will find yourself deliberately changing the lifestyle learned during the trip. You will be more lively and interesting because you will be recharged from time to time. And you will experience improved health and well-being.

All things considered, this trip seems a trifle.


Buying a passenger trailer – advantages and disadvantages of new and used passenger trailers

Thinking of buying a passenger trailer? There are so many decisions to make.

* Do you want a new or used trailer?

* Will this be a cash purchase or financing?

* What are you willing to spend?

* Should I get a passenger trailer for the 5th round, towing toys or a trailer for the tongue?

* Which manufacturer are you interested in?

* Which floor plan is best for your needs?

If you haven’t decided, you should start considering the pros and cons of buying used over buying new ones. Take the time when buying a passenger trailer. Explore and avoid spontaneous purchases.

PROS purchase of a used passenger trailer

* More punches for your dollar. A used passenger trailer will be considered valid longer than a new trailer. A used trailer is a way you want to save money or don’t want to get stuck in paying for 10 years. You could get a used 252 with all the sounds and whistles cheaper than the NEW 202 plain jane passenger trailer.

* Research. Visit the forums for passenger trailers and read what the owners say about certain passenger trailers, good and bad, this information could save you a bunch of future headaches. Remember that most of the passenger trailers that are bought are new rarely seen any camping actions, a large amount of trailers have been stored or parked in people’s homes. It is unusual to find a used passenger trailer in exhibition condition, even older passenger trailers from the 70s can be found in excellent condition.

* Used passenger trailers retain their value! If you get a quality purchase of a used passenger trailer and decide to sell it a few years later, you have a great chance of getting all your money back.

CONS used travel

* Potential problems. Buying a used passenger trailer is a bit of a gamble, there could be minor problems or bigger problems and if you’re lucky – no problem with the trailer. In most cases, the warranty has long expired, so the costs will be in your pocket. Correct your homework so that problems do not come as a surprise.

* Elbow ointment. You need to clean your new used trailer well no matter what condition it is in.

* Fewer choices of ideal floors. Floor plans are limited to what is currently being sold.

PROS for the purchase of a new passenger trailer

* Nice and great. It’s new, fresh and all yours!

* Warranty If there are problems, take the trailer to your dealer and they will have to repair them for free!

* Does not maintain maintenance. You don’t have to bother buying new tires, a new battery, or any other part for at least a year or until the warranty expires.

* Floor plans. Lots of floor plans and interior colors to choose from.

CONS purchases a new passenger trailer

* New trailers are quickly depreciated. A new passenger trailer loses in value the moment you exit the dealer. If you’re financing with little or nothing down, you’ll be “upside down” for years owing what the trailer is worth! If you have to sell your caravan, you will probably owe more than it is worth and you will have to figure out the difference in cash.

* Costs. If you consider budget, you almost certainly don’t want to be trapped in monthly payments for the next 10 years for a travel campground that you will use for a maximum of 8 months of the year. Do the math and figure out how much the total camp trip will cost you annually, just by taking into account the monthly payments. Ooo! If your payments are $ 350 per month x 12 months = $ 4200. For $ 4,200 you can buy a fantastic used passenger trailer and you won’t be stuck in payments!


Easy parking at JFK Airport – Use the Smart JFK parking app

Gone are the days when travelers looking for parking coupons had to go through magazines and spreadsheets to find a rare (and often miserable) discount coupon. These days, air travelers trying to find the best parking discounts and discounts at JFK Airport only have to step online for a few minutes, choose from a wide range of parking options and book their parking well before the planned flight.

Thanks to the Internet, people now have the opportunity to choose their ideal parking at JFK Airport and book their option immediately, with just a few mouse clicks – no calls or travel required. Nothing could be easier, right? Wrong. The Smart JFK Parking application makes parking easier and more convenient.

Launched by JFK SmartPark, the newest and supposedly best available JFK airport car park to date, the Smart app allows users to log in to the SmartPark smart website and make parking reservations at JFK Airport even without access to a computer using only their mobile phones. Announced last fall, the Smart app promises to be a next-level customer service tool, aimed at time-limited travelers.

“Today, more than ever, there are many choices, but the service is not great,” says Adam Smith, JFK’s SmartPark operations director. The JFK Smart Park mobile app “is an example of SmartPark JFK’s broader commitment to the consumer, always thinking of ways to improve the user experience.”

The main advantages of this application are, of course, simple booking without the use of any computer and on-site hosting. This means you don’t have to buy the app or download it to your mobile phone. Because it runs on JFK SmartPark servers, it won’t spend a lot of time on your cell’s battery.

The Smart app is quite popular among the most modern age groups from 25 to 42, and it also enters those over 50. SmartPark JFK estimates that about 10% of all long-term JFK parking reservations are made through their app.

The main drawback I can remember is that it offers the traveler no other options at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – surfers in a hurry can easily book reservations in minutes, from any location if they have their cell phone with them. On the other hand, it would take them at least 10 minutes to go through the various offers if they have access to the websites of other companies that provide parking at JFK Airport. As already mentioned, the JFK SmartPark facility in Queens has only recently opened for business and offers one of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Still, if you have the time, try to see what other parking lots and hotels around the airport have to offer. Whether you’re using the Smart app or your old laptop for browsing, it’s important to find the best deals – these are, as you’ll see, plenty – and book your parking space in advance. See what other people are saying about the company you plan to do business with – apps and computers are great tools when dealing with the best parking deals at JFK Airport, but in the end, it’s the experiences (with those facilities) of travelers like you that really matter.


Frugal travel tips for Budapest, Hungary

With Budapest, frugal travel gets two cities in one visit. Buda and Pest on the west and east banks of the historic Danube River merged in 1873, forming the top city to be seen in Hungary.

Buda Castle, Funicula and Castle Castle

The facade of the Buddha Castle is magnificent, especially illuminated at night. There are several museums in the castle (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest History Museum) with paid tickets.

Funicula connects Clark Street with Castle County. You have to climb up, but if frugal passengers take the stairs, they have the same great view and don’t have to pay.

Castle is a labyrinth of medieval streets. There are quite expensive shops and restaurants, but also the remains of a Dominican monastery, the Church of Matyas with a plague monument and Turkish tombstones. All lovers of history and wandering the streets need it for free.

Large market and flea market Ecseri

Travelers who want a little history with the purchase go to the Grand Market Hall, the largest internal market in Budapest.

However, for shopping, the Ecseri flea market is a place to pick up cheap food (try goulash) and souvenirs. A souvenir to bring home to that chef in the family? Paprika.

Chain bridge

To really experience Budapest, you have to cross the famous Danube several times and what better place to cross than at the Chain Bridge? One of the city’s most famous landmarks, this was the first bridge connecting the two cities. Huge lions guard the entrance.

The transition is free.

Fisherman’s bastion

There is a small fee for climbing the bastion, but the views are fantastic. It’s free to see the Bastion with its domes outside and it’s a great opportunity to take photos.

Budapest offers diligent travelers two cities for the price of one. Surrounded by history, a free walk through the castle town gives travelers the opportunity to ask themselves.