Haiku Laity

Muse, I was looking for you

Fully absorbed, largest

Flowering, no words



Essences of bleeding heart

Enlightened feelings


New Year’s joyful thoughts

Life’s journey begins soon

Balance, Harmony


Good morning

Sweet hearts delight, lovers embrace

The smell of coffee, kissing


Just go with the flow

Live with ease, no worries

You would know what to do


When you feel the gilding

And you don’t want to miss …
Quick selfie!


I have some thoughts too

The world is mine, I am the boss

You love me, now what?


Sunrise lights up the smile

You live in a breathing space

Without exception


Rice Terraces Tour

Some interesting aircraft …
Beautiful view!


Old golden years

Another amazing experience

I’m coming gracefully!


Merry Christmas

From my London house inspired

Best wishes to all!


Never again!

Shake, Rattle and Roll Fun Ride

Terrible feeling!


Be your own sun

Be happy … Express yourself

Share the Bliss to the world!


Take care of your life

You can make a difference

Believe in yourself, be brave!


Weekend fun on the Red Sea!

It’s time to sanitize

Sand, beach, calm down!


My liner is ready

Seven years of expenditure

It must be celebrated soon


Hubert, my dream dog

He likes to sniff and sniff

Lifting the abdomen


“We are finally alone …
I love you, you hear? Go-

Far from this field …


Enchanted nature

When I walk, you hug me

You and I are one


Mild river

flows and mirrors the sky

singing birds nearby


A flawless lazy day

With my human next

I see, you are jealous!


Like a dentist

I have my darkest secret …

I just love toothpaste!


Awakening of the sefis

In motivational mode, but

I feel nostalgic


I would sit on this bench

I would dream of you and me

Then we would have it all!


Wake up in the spring

Summer on a golden lawn that breathes

Crimson falls then nap …


Watch out for the little things

The ones you always remember

But never mention it


Seafaring at sea

Blessed! Then a lot of laughter-

Aromatic wind


Italian wires

Japanese or Chinese pipes,



“is it combined?” I asked

here in the language of commerce

for travel


You can go through me

Standby or just look around

You know I’m here


Catch all my words

I write stories … Real … Fiction …
It’s fun!


Whatever you want

I came to keep you, to keep you

But I am sensitive …


It rises to the top

Gentle, kind, kind, pleasant …
Cooling the heat, ahhhhhh!


I get up and leave

with pleasant gleaming fingers

the golden glory is mine



I feel a little dark

in the hopeful way



Preoccupied. Stopping

The aroma of bombing …


We reunited

You want the experience of a French kiss

down the Love Tower.


He loves me humanly

I feel great, I celebrate-

Kissing his face


You make me happy

in ways no one else does

I like to drink tea


A hot day adventure

Instant comfort

Complete satisfaction


Forgotten flowers

Once the winter cold sores disappear

Great back, intact


The joy of nature

The water falls calmly

And I look beautiful


“My light shines on you!”

The sun promises the earth.

“You don’t owe me anything”

With such LOVE …
The whole world will be brighter …
United … There is no WAR!


Coming …
Once a slow crawling creature

Then the glittering wings sprout!


A pink gem in the yard

Inspiring … dazzling … blooming …
winding up … then down


A ship of flowers is coming

Departure from the geisha

Peter Pan nonsense


With a smiling cloud

Enthusiastic flowers, bees, birds,

The spring breeze is rising


Fingers crossed

I see more than I’ve seen

who went blind


Windy … Cloudy skies

Dancing with golden yellow

The sun’s field is shining


Shocked … Sissy screamed,

“I’m late for my recital!”

Li’l bro delusion …


We danced, laughed, touched

A pure romanticization of the past

‘Nostalgia for lust!


I just inhaled

I would take responsibility and live my life

Big breakthrough!


Fantasy exists

The stormy light of pure desire

Sometimes I wonder …


until death do us part!

You tamed me … Here’s a flower

I am nine years old …


Complaint of happiness

The end of the summer day brings

Freshness, softness and peace


The art of the game progresses

For the rest of The Love Of Haiku

Music Passion play …


The effect of ruby ​​fruits.

Wild call, waiting …
Juicy priceless joy!


All the long light

‘tutti fruiti orange heart

She dances lively to young people


I’m bored, stop it!

Don’t shoot! You’re blocking my path!

Leave me alone, please!


A sea wave of laughter

The true joy of freedom and youth

I grew old with a smile …


Calm down

and thoughts of nothingness

To live, but there is no life …


Writing, erasing

I focused on the lamb though

Reflecting my goal



Awake, irresistible



In me my Jesus

abounds in joy, peace, smiles, love

absolute truth


I get up and leave

with pleasant gleaming fingers

the golden glory is mine


Whatever you want,

I came to keep you, to keep you.

But I am sensitive


Be alone

be happy, express yourself

Share the bliss to the world


Catch this moment

I shine for illuminating your day



A young couple is kissing

Grandpa looks at them through them

its sunny past


With any luck

Two ducks near the Human Tower

Trapped inside the jar-

“On top!”, The love duck trembles.

Froggy’s Jar of Limon Dreams …
That’s where they fell in love!


“I thought raindrops were falling?”

beats a duck under an umbrella.

Wondering who peed?!?


Keep dreaming, don’t stop!

Everything is possible

and I love donuts


Relaxed toes, tingling in the body …
Beautiful Marquise wanted to be



I dreamed, you and me.

We danced with some long blues …
The aliens were with us!


Aren’t we aliens?

Supposedly we all are.

Some blues … It doesn’t matter!


A thunderous jet plane.

Thunder, thunder everywhere:

No bombs are falling this time.


Circus in the spring,

A child’s play, a hippo kiss … Hover around!

Munchausen laughs …


Escape hole!

Run fast! We are just havin’-

Family trip …


Join me in the game …
Click ink to understand …
Pic from my Art Game!


Waterfalls and chaos

I see a new beginning.

The world is constantly evolving …


Life as a motor bus

The Reds stopped hovering, the Greens progressed

Yellow is cooling its time …


Beauty in the night

Skeleton lover

Scary Hallow



Thorne Fairy lives … Stand up against

A fierce angel warrior


A mixture of your dreams

Pain or tingling

Soothing desire


Hanging out.

Welcome everyone! Wrap up!

Bloodthirsty race …


Loved my salad days …
Wines. Coffee breaks. Sweet kisses.

Some luck escapes!


Party all night

Be fierce, be wild, be alone

In a moment … Live freely!


Underwater world

Everything is refreshed

Colorful place!


At the mermaid’s back … ‘Shark!

While behind every bell, Shrek!

The back end … Geese in boots?

or teaser:

The back end … cunt? (lol)

Hello Master Kitty!

Puss, The Booted Cat.


“Oh, no! Meow, not me!”

confuse for the waste box

“Don’t leave the trap!”

“Big, spare me.

I tell you I love you.

Do you want me to smell my ass? “


Eat! The Avengers!

They just crash in the fun!

Godzilla, look out!


The shark is waking up!

Huge! With a big mouth and sharp teeth!

Angry and hungry!


In my lush cosmos.

The country announces its place.

Memories arise


Family tour.

Jueseppi’s house is hot.

Dad said, “Eat ice cream!”


North, East, West and South.

Heat waves here or sandstorms.

The desert is dry …


Imagine the world

Where your every move matters.

Watch out for the next train …


Rush hour, changing trains …
Thanks for the subway supplier!

Hotdog is bliss


Family reunions!

Dad, mom, sissy and vol …
I miss my dear.


I feel warm

the sun, the joys of laughter

around … Cool siesta!


The sparks have fallen!

Saving family fun.

“BEEEEEEP!” Says Road Runner.


Men / vices / virtues

Name them all … ‘accept or not

I still love my man


Frozen … no words …
All Hallow’s Eve! Phantoms are wandering …
The horror night begins


Youth dance, I long!

On hip-hop, jumping, tipping, swirling, immersion …
What promise does that hold?


A thunderous jet plane.

Thunder, thunder everywhere:

No bombs are falling this time.


December is here

Decorate my tree high and low

What a Christmas glow


Three villas

– shining eyes, caressing hair …
Sweet spring flowers


Haiku is fun too!

Creative crowds just love it.

Testing. No duck soup


Eat! That’s wonderful!

We are here to have fun, to win friends!

More Haiku laymen!