Buying a passenger trailer – advantages and disadvantages of new and used passenger trailers

Thinking of buying a passenger trailer? There are so many decisions to make.

* Do you want a new or used trailer?

* Will this be a cash purchase or financing?

* What are you willing to spend?

* Should I get a passenger trailer for the 5th round, towing toys or a trailer for the tongue?

* Which manufacturer are you interested in?

* Which floor plan is best for your needs?

If you haven’t decided, you should start considering the pros and cons of buying used over buying new ones. Take the time when buying a passenger trailer. Explore and avoid spontaneous purchases.

PROS purchase of a used passenger trailer

* More punches for your dollar. A used passenger trailer will be considered valid longer than a new trailer. A used trailer is a way you want to save money or don’t want to get stuck in paying for 10 years. You could get a used 252 with all the sounds and whistles cheaper than the NEW 202 plain jane passenger trailer.

* Research. Visit the forums for passenger trailers and read what the owners say about certain passenger trailers, good and bad, this information could save you a bunch of future headaches. Remember that most of the passenger trailers that are bought are new rarely seen any camping actions, a large amount of trailers have been stored or parked in people’s homes. It is unusual to find a used passenger trailer in exhibition condition, even older passenger trailers from the 70s can be found in excellent condition.

* Used passenger trailers retain their value! If you get a quality purchase of a used passenger trailer and decide to sell it a few years later, you have a great chance of getting all your money back.

CONS used travel

* Potential problems. Buying a used passenger trailer is a bit of a gamble, there could be minor problems or bigger problems and if you’re lucky – no problem with the trailer. In most cases, the warranty has long expired, so the costs will be in your pocket. Correct your homework so that problems do not come as a surprise.

* Elbow ointment. You need to clean your new used trailer well no matter what condition it is in.

* Fewer choices of ideal floors. Floor plans are limited to what is currently being sold.

PROS for the purchase of a new passenger trailer

* Nice and great. It’s new, fresh and all yours!

* Warranty If there are problems, take the trailer to your dealer and they will have to repair them for free!

* Does not maintain maintenance. You don’t have to bother buying new tires, a new battery, or any other part for at least a year or until the warranty expires.

* Floor plans. Lots of floor plans and interior colors to choose from.

CONS purchases a new passenger trailer

* New trailers are quickly depreciated. A new passenger trailer loses in value the moment you exit the dealer. If you’re financing with little or nothing down, you’ll be “upside down” for years owing what the trailer is worth! If you have to sell your caravan, you will probably owe more than it is worth and you will have to figure out the difference in cash.

* Costs. If you consider budget, you almost certainly don’t want to be trapped in monthly payments for the next 10 years for a travel campground that you will use for a maximum of 8 months of the year. Do the math and figure out how much the total camp trip will cost you annually, just by taking into account the monthly payments. Ooo! If your payments are $ 350 per month x 12 months = $ 4200. For $ 4,200 you can buy a fantastic used passenger trailer and you won’t be stuck in payments!