Holiday Inn Riyadh

Holiday Inn Riyadh

The capital of Saudi Arabia and its largest and most prosperous city, Riyadh is dominated by the skyline of its Central Business District. The sweeping tower of the Kingdom Centre, and stunning Art Deco detailing of the Al Faisaliyah Centre, mark Riyadh as a bustling modern hub of commerce and finance. But it is built on the foundations of a walled city that was founded 1,500 years ago. We at Holiday Inn Riyadh have three superbly appointed hotels, close to both Riyadh’s central business district and its cultural attractions.

Riyadh has doubled in size in the last 15 years and continues to expand. With a diverse economy and growing tourism industry, our Holiday Inn Riyadh hotels play an important role in the economy. Riyadh’s enviable highway system and easy access to King Khalid International Airport make it a magnet for corporate investment. A fertile city built on a desert oasis, it grew rich on its date palms and orchards. With decreasing reliance on its fossil fuel economy, the city is once more investing in agriculture, which dominates the conference calendar.

Find the Holiday Inn in Riyadh that’s right for you

We at Holiday Inn Riyadh have three hotels in prime locations. Our Holiday Inn Riyadh-Olaya is located in Riyadh’s commercial and business hub. Local to the shopping malls and Riyadh Exhibition Centre, it is ideal for international business conferences, whether held in our hotel or elsewhere in the city. The fully serviced conference rooms will seat up to 450 delegates, besides which we have a staffed business centre; spacious bedrooms; private business suites, and first-class recreational and dining facilities.

Our Holiday Inn Riyadh-Al Qasr venue was completely modernised in 2007, and offers outstandingly luxurious business accommodation at the heart of the Olaya Central Business District, adjoining the prestigious King Fahd road and with direct links to King Khaled International Airport. Our largest conference venue, it will accommodate up to 1,300 delegates. The state-of-the-art meeting rooms, stunning décor and gourmet dining facilities are matched by a level of service that ensures you will want for nothing during your stay.

Our Holiday Inn Riyadh Minhal hotel is in a prime location for those involved with medical or public administration, being close to the city hospitals, and government buildings. It is the ideal venue for break-out and training sessions, as the largest room, which accommodates up to 350 guests, can be broken down into three smaller ones.

Holiday Inn Riyadh – where tradition meets ambition

The modern Riyadh, while rich in stunning modern architecture, was built by razing the original ancient walls and fortresses to the ground. However, the city is working hard to promote its heritage, and though nothing can stop the urban sprawl reaching the surrounding towns, they are being protected. Traditional villages like Diriyah, Manfuha and Wadi Laban are enjoying a new-found interest in cultural investment, their red-brick architecture helping to promote the cultural side of Riyadh through tourism.

Riyadh is a popular city to hold conferences and business meetings, with a friendly persona and excellent conference facilities. We at Holiday Inn Riyadh offer an extensive range of facilities. Whether it’s an international product launch or team building events in the desert, our friendly staff will help you every step of the way to ensure your event is a success.

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